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LiFe Transmitter PacksLiFe Transmitter Packs

Best in the long-longer-longest run!

Let's say it simply: LiFeSource packs provide unbelievably long run times between charges!

LiFeSource LiFe (Lithium Iron Phosphate) packs offer you incredible value, because they spread your investment out over lifespans that typically run to 1,000 cycles or more.
And the way they last between charges is just as impressive...

What if: could charge your transmitter once before the weekend – and never during it?

…you could suddenly go three …four…or five times longer between recharges?

…you could put off charging for days…weeks…or even a month without experiencing any loss in performance or putting your model at risk?*

There’s no need to imagine it. You can do these things today, with a battery that costs about the same as the one you use now — a LiFeSource transmitter pack.

*Dependent on frequency of use.

Are LiFeSource batteries really the longest lasting Tx batteries in R/C?

If you’re like these guys, the transmitter battery you use is probably the one that came with your system. Depending on chemistry and capacity, you may get 60 minutes, 75 minutes or more on a charge.

Here’s what a couple of real modelers have to say.

"After I put a LiFeSource pack in my Futaba® 4PK, I ran it for over 9 hours before I needed to recharge."

-Shane Curry, Team Futaba Surface Team

-Shane Curry, Team Futaba Surface Team

Note:That’s an increase of 500% more run time — all on a single charge.

-Chris Sydor, Team Futaba Air Team

"I put a LiFeSource 1500mAh square pack in my Futaba 10C. I recharged after 4 hours 'just to be safe', but found out that my pack still had over half a charge left."

-Chris Sydor, Team Futaba Air Team

They last longer — and they’re lighter, too!

The other advantage of LiFeSource transmitter packs is lightness. LiFeSource packs are lighter than either NiCd or NiMH packs…and with a LiFeSource pack inside, your radio is, too. That means it’s easier and more comfortable to hold from the first — and less fatiguing the longer you hold it.

LVM Lithium VoltMeterLonger-lasting and lighter? If that sounds too good to be true, take The LiFeSource Challenge
and prove it yourself!

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Max Continuous Current:

Max. Charge Current:



Stock #:

6.6V 1900mAh LiFe Pack

Futaba 14SG, 4PK transmitter; receivers



1C (1.9A)

3C (5.7A)

1.7 x 0.55 x 3.3 in
(44 x 14 x 83 mm)

4.5 oz
(127 g)


Note: Weights shown include wire and connector(s).

LiFeSource AC/DC Balancing Charger (HCAM6375)
LiFeSource battery packs should only be charged using an LiFe-compatible charger and balancer, or LiFe-compatible charger with built-in balancer.

With the right equipment, LiFe charging is easy and economical — and the LiFeSource AC/DC Balancing Charger is both. It starts automatically, lets you select the charging rate — and balance charges 1-3 cell LiFe packs to perfection. To learn more, click here.

LiFeSource AC/DC Balancing Charger (HCAM6375)

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