The Life Source Challenge

Take the LiFeSource Challenge

We think that a LiFeSource transmitter pack will last longer and stay stronger on a full charge than any other NiCd/NiMH pack you've ever used in your radio.

And here's the challenge: discover how long a fully charged LiFeSource LiFe (
Lithium Iron Phosphate ) transmitter pack will operate in your system.

Once you do, we hope you'll email us and tell us everything. Which pack you used. What brand and model of radio you own. And, most of all, how much run/flight time your pack delivered before it needed a recharge.

Are LiFeSource transmitter packs really the best in the long, longer, longest run? Take the LiFeSource Challenge and find out!

"I have removed all the NiCad batteries from my planes because of a brownout this last summer. I had ordered a plane from a friend who was building scrath planes off the internet. Some of you flyers out there have used the same planes, I call my plane a ROADRUNNER. Anyway I was flying with the battery pack I had been using, doing a very nice loop, and when I came out and started down at full throttle, my plane just kept coming straight down. To make a long story short, my plane folded like an accordion. The motor was about 7 inches deep in the ground. Since that day, I have replaced all of the NiCad's I own with HCA LifeSource batteries. I will not use any other battery than LifeSource batteries. When you can go to the field and fly for the whole day and not worry about brownouts, that is a great feeling. Last year at the auction, I bought a used Balsa USA Stinger 120, I put a LifeSource battery of 1300 mah in my plane. I can get around 6 to 8 flights a day on the battery, and still have a good read on the unit after the day of flying. This is running 2 digital servos, and 3 analogs. I'm very happy with this brand of battery, keep up the good work."
    - Tony Scavello

"LiFeSource batteries are awesome! My friend and I bought a 6.6v 1300mah pack and tested it against a 4.8v 2000mah Ni-MH pack. However, we tested it on a small profile motor and not on actual receivers. My friend and I did seven tests, each for one minute, increasing the throttle every two tests for the LiFeSource pack. We also tested thrust, I was amazed. It had great power and lasted for a very long time! When we tested the Ni-MH it only lasted for one minute. Also, the LiFeSource is very light and the Ni-MH weighs a ton. The results were very impressive. Thanks for making an awesome product! I can't wait to use more of these in the future on my large 3D and aerobatic planes."
    - Chuck

"From ni-mh to LifeSource. I crashed a p-51 due to a brownout which was caused by ni-mh self discharge that I was not aware of. After extensive research only two solution stood up for me: Li-Pos and LIFE packs. But a voltage regulator seemed like another gizmos that could go wrong! So LIFE won over li-pos. Every plane in my hangar runs on life since then."
    - Francis Lacasse

"I started using LiFeSource batteries in my Scale Aerobatic birds right after they came out. I have been very happy with them so far. One of the things I like best about them is the ability to charge a week or so prior to flying and still know the batteries are ready to go a week or more down the road. Since them I've equipped all of my aircraft with LiFeSource (including my helicopters). I have both 3200 and 2100 packs in use right now. I must admit I also like the safety of them. None of the same worries I had when using LiPos as receiver packs, no regulators either!"
    - Bill Conrad

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